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Attorney Admissions

Attorneys seeking regular admission now apply for admission and upload the appropriate petition through the PACER website. Attorneys seeking PHV admission will upload the petition and certificate of good standing into the case once they have registered to file electronically via PACER.

Attorneys admitted to this court can request a Certificate of Good Standing or Duplicate Admission Certificate and pay online through CM/ECF. The link is available on Civil menu under Court Fees - Certificate of Good Standing/Duplicate Admission Certificate.

Registration to E-File Instructions for Attorneys Already Admitted

  PACER E-File Only Instructions

Regular Admissions

If you are a member of the State Bar of Georgia, you may be admitted to this district by completing a Petition for Admission to Plead and Practice. The fee for admission is $213.00. A Certificate of Admission will be mailed to you after your petition is processed. Petitions should not be mailed or emailed to the court.

From the PACER homepage, select Manage My Account at the top of the page > Log in > select the Maintenance tab > click the link that says Attorney Admissions/E-file Registration. Complete the Attorney Admissions and Efile registration request. You will upload the completed petition through PACER during this process. When completing the attorney admissions information, leave the sponsoring attorney section blank. This court does not require sponsoring attorneys.

Do not pay admission fees through PACER. Once admitted, you must pay fees by credit card via CM/ECF.  After payment is received, you will be granted access to the Middle District of Georgia filing system.

Please note this court does not hold admission ceremonies. The entire admissions process is handled by electronically through PACER and an admission certificate will be mailed to you.

A Certificate of Good Standing is not required for regular admissions.

Bankruptcy Petitioners: Attorneys requesting admission to practice only in bankruptcy cases must submit a Petition for Admission to the District Court. To register for electronic filing in Bankruptcy Court visit Please note: Bankruptcy court CM/ECF and district court CM/ECF are two separate systems and have separate logins and passwords.

  Petition for Admission to Plead and Practice

Pro Hac Vice Admissions

If you are not a member of the State Bar of Georgia and do not maintain an office in Georgia, you must obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from a US District Court where you are admitted to practice. (The Certificate must be issued within 30 days of petition for admission.) State court certificates are NOT accepted. Complete a Petition for Admission to Plead and Practice Pro Hac Vice. The fee for admission is $100.00 per case. For each case in which you appear, you must complete a petition and pay the fee. Out of state attorneys practicing pro hac vice in District Court must associate local counsel.

From the PACER homepage, select Manage My Account at the top of the page > Log in > select the Maintenance tab > click the link that says Attorney Admissions/E-file Registration. Complete the E-File Registration Only request.  If you already have e-filing privileges in our district, you can skip this step.

Once your E-Filing privileges are granted, you will file your PHV Petition for Admission (found below) and Certificate of Good Standing in the case.  Go to Civil > Other Filings > Other Documents > Petition to the Clerk for Admission to Plead and Practice Pro Hac Vice.  Upload your completed PHV Petition as the main document.   Upload your Certificate of Good Standing as an attachment.  Choose “Certificate of Good Standing” from the “Category” dropdown menu.  You will be required to pay the $100 PHV fee at the time of filing.

For attorneys wishing to proceed Pro Hac Vice in a United States Bankruptcy case, please docket the Petition to the Clerk for Admission to Plead and Practice Pro Hac Vice in case number 5:20-tc-6000 ATTORNEY ADMISSIONS FEE DEPOSITORY using the instructions above.

  Petition for Admission to Plead and Practice Pro Hac Vice

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