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Court History

The United States District Court for the District of Georgia was one of the original 13 courts established by the Judiciary Act of 1789. The District was subdivided into Northern and Southern Districts on August 11, 1848.

The Middle District was formed from portions of those two Districts on May 28, 1926. Today, there are five divisions encompassing seventy counties with offices in Athens, Albany, Columbus, Macon, and Valdosta.

Judges of the Middle District of Georgia

Judge Active Service Chief Judge Senior Status Appointed by
William Josiah Tilson 1926-1927
Bascom Sine Deaver 1928-1944     Coolidge
Thomas Hoyt Davis 1945-1961 1949-1961 1961-1969 F.D. Roosevelt
Abraham Benjamin Conger 1949-1953     Truman
William Augustus Bootle 1954-1972 1961-1972 1972-2005 Eisenhower
J. Robert Elliott 1962-2000 1972-1980   Kennedy
Wilbur Dawson Owens, Jr. 1972-1995 1980-1995 1995-2010 Nixon
Duross Fitzpatrick 1985-2008 1995-2001 2001-2008 Reagan
W. Louis Sands 1994-2014 2001-2006 2014-present Clinton
Hugh Lawson 1995-2008 2006-2008 2008-present Clinton
C. Ashley Royal 2001-present 2008-2014 2016 - present G.W. Bush
Clay D. Land 2001-present 2014-2020   G.W. Bush
Marc T. Treadwell 2010-present 2020 - present   Obama
Leslie J. Abrams 2014-present     Obama
Tilman E. "Tripp" Self 2018 - present     Trump