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Juror Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there facilities available for nursing mothers?

    Yes. Contact the jury office for more information.

  • Can my employer fire me for not being at work due to jury duty?

    Pursuant to Title 28, U.S.C. Section 1875 “No employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce any permanent employee by reason of such employee’s jury service, or the attendance or scheduled attendance in connection with such service, in any court of the United States.”

  • Does my employer have to pay me my normal wages if I'm serving on a jury?

    No, there is no law enforcing employers to pay employees for the time they missed while on jury duty. Often times they will ask that you pay them your attendance fee(s) in order to maintain your salary.

    You may be allowed to keep your milage reimbursement as an expense. Please check with your employer regarding their official policy.

  • How do I request to be excused from jury duty?

    Please mail your written excuse request to the court in the enclosed postage paid envelope. If you do not have the envelope, you may mail it to the court at P.O. Box 128, Macon, GA 31202. You may also submit an excuse request by email at:

    Please include in detail the reason you are asking to be excused from jury service. Sending a request does not automatically excuse you from jury duty.

    You are not considered excused until notified by the court by email or letter. You may also phone the jury recording at 1-800-793-7903 to check on the status of your excuse request.

  • How much do you pay for jury duty?

    You will receive an attendance fee plus the current GSA rate for mileage.  Checks typically will be mailed within 15 business days after the last day of the term. Meals generally are not provided; you will receive a lunch period.

  • How will I know which days to report?

    You must call 1-800-793-7903 after 6:00pm the evening before you are scheduled to appear for any last-minute changes or cancellations. DO NOT appear for jury service unless you have called to confirm your reporting status.

  • I am trying to complete the questionnaire online, but I am locked out of the system. What do I do?

    Wait 30 minutes before trying to log back in. After 30 minutes, you should be able to get back into the system and complete the questionnaire.

  • I have a medical condition which will make it difficult for me to serve as a juror. Do you need a statement from my doctor?

    A doctors note is helpful, but not required. If you are unable to provide one you should briefly explain the medical condition when completing the supplement questionnaire and that you wish to be excused.

  • I have moved to a different address or no longer live in Georgia. What do I do?

    Please complete the questionnaire and provide your new address. Federal law requires completion of the questionnaire and avoids the possibility of being summoned to appear in person to complete the form.

  • I have never registered to vote. How did my name get selected to receive the questionnaire?

    The court uses multiple information sources for its jurors information, including voter data and department of Driver Services.