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Submitting Documents to the Court

Submitting Proposed Orders in Cases

Proposed Scheduling Discovery Orders and Proposed Pretrial Orders for cases must be e-mailed in word processing format to the appropriate email address below. Do not submit a PDF document. Enter the full case number in the subject line of the email. Unless directed by the court, all other proposed orders must be e-filed as attachments to the pleading being e-filed.

Submitting Civil Summons in Cases After the Case Has Been Opened Electronically

A completed Civil Summons should also be submitted to the appropriate email address below. The summons will be issued and e-filed by the court. Attorneys of record will receive CM/ECF notice that the issued summons is available.

Submitting Documents Related to a Motion to Seal in Cases

Participants must electronically file a Motion to Seal in order to request any document be filed with the Court under seal. A PDF copy of the document(s) to be filed under seal must be emailed to the email address below after entry of the Motion to Seal.


Divisional Office