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News & Announcements: July, 2020

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Clerk's office staff of the U.S. District Court are working remotely. Pro se parties may file documents by U.S. Mail or emailing them to the appropriate divisional email address. Please use the contact information on this website. Payments can be made by U.S. Mail by sending a check or money order payable to “U.S. Courts.”

If you are unable to file by mail or email then please contact the clerk’s office to discuss your situation.

Members of the media and public may contact the clerk’s office if they are seeking access to a court hearing.

 Standing Order 2020-01, In re: COVID-19 Public Health & Safety (03/16/2020)

 Standing Order 2020-02, In re: COVID-19 Operations (03/20/2020)

 Standing Order 2020-03, In re: CARES Act Authority to Conduct Criminal Proceedings by Video and/or Teleconference (03/20/2020)

 Standing Order 2020-04, In re: COVID-19 Probation Virtual Contacts (04/07/2020)

 Standing Order 2020-05, In re: COVID-19 Grand Jury Proceedings (04/30/2020)


Effective July 1, 2020, Judge Marc T. Treadwell assumed duties as Chief Judge of the Middle District of Georgia.

  See attached news release for more information.